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Every Audi dealer is entitled to participate

25% of new Audi buyers purchase accessories within 90 days of vehicle purchase. Fuel the excitement of Audi ownership for your customers while raising your dealership’s bottom line with your risk-free, no obligation, no cost to you LOCAL Package, which includes:

  • Virtual Accessories Showroom
  • Audi Collection Catalog
  • E-commerce Option
Audi's total parts and accessories market is worth $3.4 million monthly

Only $700,000 is captured by Genuine Audi parts & accessories. Upgrade from LOCAL to Base1 or Base2 for as little as $50/month to claim your share of the market. Bring drivers back to the innovative solutions that only Audi can offer with:

  • National Site Listing
  • OEM-endorsed parts catalog
  • Search Engine Marketing (Base2 only)
$1 in Search Engine Marketing = $6 in sales

With a ROI over 600%, it pays to go PRO. Our proven methods will maximize your profits. Along with all the features of Base2 and no long term obligation, your PRO Package includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Data-driven business performance services
  • Aggressive strategy for motivated dealers
Packages & Pricing

Whether you want an innovative way to sell accessories or to dominate your share of the parts market, we have a right-fit solution for your dealership. We can help you capture as much as you’re ready and willing to handle with 24/7 in-house support, brand-consistent marketing, and the know-how to turn your parts department into an e-commerce machine.

Training and Knowledge Base

Need to create a Magic Pocket for a car on display? Want to create a Quote for a customer? Let us help! Send us an email to schedule a one-on-one training session to learn how to create and print these directly from your Audi Online Accessories Catalog.

Or, go to our knowledge base to learn more about how the Audi Online Store and Online Catalog works.

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