The Feature is Here
Episode #07 - May 23, 2019

Making Your Site More Accessible with WCAG

At SimplePart, we never stop trying to make your website more competitive in the online marketplace. And sometimes, that means going above and beyond industry standards to provide the best possible experience for your potential customers.

In this episode of "The Feature is Here", we'll cover how our AA-level compliance with WCAG standards translates into real user experience improvements for every potential customer that visits your site.

How SimplePart Improves Your Site's Accessibility (and why it matters!)

The first step - making a website Perceivable  - means the information on the website must be presented in a way users can easily comprehend.One thing SimplePart does to meet this criteria is coding alt-text into our websites so users with screen readers don't miss out on any images, audio or videos on a website.