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Standard Features

User-friendly Site

Easy-to-use assembly diagrams, clickable hotspots and a mobile-responsive, WCAG-compliant design make your online store accessible to all your owners.

Real-time Reports

Keep an eye on your online store's performance with our Control Panel. 300+ reports give you complete insight to every aspect of your business.

Secure eCommerce

Let your owners shop with peace of mind. Secure, PCI-level eCommerce comes standard with all sites. Payment processing integrations with PayPal, CenPOS and are available.

OEM Online Catalog

Give your owners the full catalog of genuine Audi parts and accessories at their fingertips. Timely updates help keep your online store stocked with the latest available products.


25% of new Audi buyers purchase accessories within 90 days of vehicle purchase. Fuel the excitement of Audi ownership for your customers while raising your dealership's bottom line with your LOCAL Package, which includes:
  • Virtual Accessories Showroom
  • Audi Collection Catalog
  • eCommerce Option
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Only $700,000 is captured by Genuine Audi parts & accessories. Upgrade from LOCAL to Base1 or Base2 for as little as $50/month to claim your share of the market. Bring drivers back to the innovative solutions that only Audi can offer with:
  • National Site Listing
  • OEM-endorsed parts catalog
  • Search Engine Marketing (Base2 only)
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Jumpstart your online store and increase your SEM return with expert strategy and consulting services.
  • Business performance consulting services
  • Local and regional search engine marketing
  • Custom search engine optimization strategy
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Packages & Pricing

Whether you want an innovative way to sell accessories or to dominate your share of the parts market, we have a right-fit solution for your dealership. We can help you capture as much as you're ready and willing to handle with 24/7 in-house support, brand-consistent marketing, and the know-how to turn your parts department into an eCommerce machine.


Engage customers with an online OEM catalog (no eCommerce functionality as standard).


Extend your parts and accessories counter and reach new customers online.


Reach new local buyers and make the most of your website with online advertising.


Jumpstart your online store with expanded advertising, expert strategy and consulting.

Up-to-date OE and MOTOR catalog of parts
Up-to-date OE and MOTOR catalog of accessories
Brand-compliant, WCAG compliant website
300+ real-time reports and order fulfillment dashboard
Google My Business setup
Search Engine Optimized Site
Support and training
Compliant and secure e-commerce
(PCI Certified)
Additional traffic from National Parts Online Store (
Performance and strategy coaching
(first 120 days)
Local Search Engine Marketing
Local & Regional Search Engine Marketing
Google & Bing Shopping and Text ads
Reseller Ratings service integration
Search Engine Optimization (Head Terms)
Additional performance and strategy coaching (twice a year)

Dealer Pricing

$50 / month

No setup fee

$100 / month

No setup fee

$375 / month

No setup fee
+ Minimum $500/month
ad spend
+15% of ad spend
(agency fee)

$750 / month

$750 setup fee
+ Minimum $750/month
ad spend
+15% of ad spend
(agency fee)


Maximize performance with this premium package, offering the full breadth of our eCommerce program. Contact our Sales team at (404) 620-9764 or for more information.

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