About SimplePart

SimplePart generated its first order in February of 2008 — tune-up parts for a 1970s MG Midget — and since then has generated more than $57 million in orders for our dealers. SimplePart began as an enthusiast's idea to simplify tracking down hard-to-find restoration parts; as a classic car gearhead and weekend driveway hero, founder Cole Getzler faced the problem first-hand.

What started as a $98.31 basket of parts is now a company which generates more than $2.3 million in genuine parts orders and reaches more than 3.1 million vehicle owners each month. SimplePart's focus is connecting OE dealers with DIY and DIFM owners from every major brand. We are able to use the same raw product data you provide your EPC vendors to ensure your dealers have 100% of your catalog of parts to sell, for maximum impact in the fight against aftermarket.

We focus on a whole-business picture, and ensure that our dealers' online parts businesses stand on their own and generate real, bottom-line profit. Dealers see their Gross and Net profit in real-time with our online Control Panel. Our industry-leading team of analysts and consultants provide strategy, guidance and market intelligence to help dealers optimize every aspect of their online parts business.

SimplePart thinks through the parts-buying experience like both a dealer and a consumer — we make it easy to use for owners working on their own vehicles, and easy to manage for dealers. We outsource nothing, and many on our team come from the dealership and enthusiast community, so we have hands-on experience. Our dealers have access to turn-key online marketing, 24/7 support and clear, transparent reporting — all core values of SimplePart since the beginning.

Our revenue is tied to the volume of orders we deliver to you, so we are constantly improving and seeking out new sources of profitable orders for your dealers. SimplePart is more than just a profitable parts solution. It’s the future of automotive e-commerce.

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