Pit Stop
Episode #08 - July 30, 2019

Selling Online Successfully

Whether they're a new car buyer or a long-time owner, people are personalizing their vehicles more than ever. That's why we've created promotional and other sales tools to help you engage this customer both online and in-store.

In this episode of “Pit Stop” with Brooke, check out our tips for increasing your sales numbers with online and in-store accessory sales.

Are You Neglecting an Important Source of Revenue for Your Dealership?

Accessory sales can be just as important as traditional parts sales. In 2019, online sales of parts & accessories is projected to grow 16% to about $12.3 billion . While a high percentage of total sales at a dealership might be comprised of automotive parts, accessory sales can be a great bonus source of revenue for both parts managers and sales personnel.